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Wicked Sniffer Aromatherapy Co.

Aromatherapy Inhaler | Stimulate & Motivate

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Aromatherapy you can take anywhere! We soak organic cotton with a stimulating blend of 100% pure essential oils & pack it into a bright, cheery, orange plastic tube. Improve mental clarity, increase motivation and increase alertness with regular use!
This inhaler is perfect to use when you're experiencing problems like: 
  • Inability to get out of bed 
  • Inability to focus 
  • You're feeling stuck and unable to get started  
  • Foggy mind 
  • Boredom 
  • No follow-thru/ no task completion/ changing tasks constantly
  • Always feeling disorganized 
  • Forgetfulness 
We've used a very special blend of essential oils with properties that counteract those feelings & problems:
  • Rosemary stimulates & strengthens the mind, energizes & uplifts, clarifies, & increases mental attentiveness.
  • Peppermint clears energy, uplifts the mind, awakens, refreshes, increases alertness, & stimulates new ideas & creativity. 
  • Ravintsara soothes anxiety & stress, relieves depression, reduces fear, supports self-confidence, & improves cognitive performance. 
  • Eucalyptus is uplifting, clears the mind & aids in concentration, soothes exhaustion, & increases cerebral blood flow.  

Disclaimer: For daily use by adults only. Keep out of reach from pets. Inhalers should be used with caution and only as directed. Hold the tube at least 6" away from your nose the first few times you smell it and move it closer as you grow more comfortable with the strength of the scent. Never shake your inhaler as it may disperse the product into the container. This product is not to replace the advice of a physician. Talk to your doctor before use if you are on medication, pregnant, or nursing as some essential oils can react with these situations. Please contact us if you have questions about whether or not our inhalers will react with your specific condition, and we will do our best to direct you. 

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