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We love plant magic!

Wicked Sniffer Aromatherapy Co is a woman-owned and operated small business offering handmade skin care & aromatherapy products. We help support your healing journey by integrating aromatherapy into your daily self care routine.

  • Rest & relax inhaler

    Can't sleep? Try aromatherapy!

    We all need a little help when it comes to winding down for the day. Our Wicked Sniffer's are perfect for taking aromatherapy wherever and whenever you need it, so you can end your day at ease with peaceful rest.

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  • Open up & inspire inhaler

    Feeling stuck?

    You don't have to stay in one place! Grab one of our Open Up & Inspire Wicked Sniffers to start feeling confident & ready to tackle your day with ease. You can do this!

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  • Calm & soothe inhaler

    No matter how you feel, you're never alone!

    Life can feel so overwhelming at times. That's why it's important to have all the right support systems in place. Aromatherapy is perfect for when you feel anger, anxiety & grief. You don't have to do this alone!

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  • Calm thoughts & slow talking aromatherapy inhaler

    Thoughts racing? Can't stop talking?

    Take a moment & breath. Ground yourself in the present moment & give yourself a chance to slow down by sniffing one of our Wicked Sniffer Inhalers. Stop the chaos & help inspire a few moments of peace.

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  • Stimulate & motivate inhaler

    Can't get out of bed?

    The only thing better than squishy pillows & warm fuzzy blankets is getting up on time! Give yourself that extra morning boost with one of our Wicked Sniffer Inhalers! Formulated with a special blend of pure essential oils to help you get up, get motivated, & feel energized for the day!

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Nurture your skin, nourish your soul!

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Your happiness is our #1 priority!

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