About Us

Wicked Sniffer Aromatherapy Co is owned and operated by self-proclaimed Aromatic Alchemist, Lindsay Martin. Lindsay started this business with the vision of creating products that smell amazing and that are great for your body.

She is skilled in crafting handmade soaps, body butters, various body oils, and aromatherapy blends as a student of Aromatherapy.

She creates skin care blends using essential oils, natural butters, lotion and plant oils with the knowledge of an aromatherapist.

She sells products on her website and has also been known to formulate custom orders upon request.

In her free time, she loves to forage the Vermont forests for local foods and herbs, make wreaths, hang out with her family, and cook delicious food.

She does the blending, so you don't have to!

She uses 100% pure essential oils & natural fragrance oils in her products, and her skin care blends are safe enough for daily use, and they smell Wicked Good!