Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli: The Divisive Aroma - Love it or Hate it?


It's one of those oils everyone seems to know, whether it's by name or smell.

And the consensus is: ya either love it or hate it.

Of course, the oil itself receives so much flack for its association with hippies and its strong, lingering odor. Yes, patchouli surely is misunderstood and dare I say, under-appreciated. 

But what IS patchouli, though?

Gaining its popularity in the 60's as a perfume,  patchouli is a lingering, persistent, earthy essential oil derived from the leaves of the plant through distillation. It enjoys growing in the tropical climates of Asia, Hawaii, and other areas of the world.

While it's often loved in perfumery for its unique aroma and fixative qualities, like all essential oils, it also has many amazing therapeutic properties as well.

Patchouli has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and anti-fungal properties when used on the skin, making it great for use on cuts, sore muscles, pain, and tension.

It's also known to decrease adrenaline resulting in creating a calming, sedating feeling. It's also a great aid for depression and anxiety with its calming, balancing nature.

Patchouli is considered to be skin healing offering moisture and coolness, as well as aiding in combating dryness, inflammation, scars, sores, and eczema. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it helpful for healing wounds, too. 

With all these great benefits, it's also considered non-toxic and non-irritating. 

It would seem that patchouli is a very mysterious oil, with most people only casting judgement on its pungent odor. In reality, it's a generous plant substance with few to no safety hazards and a long shelf life. The aroma only gets better with age, and it does so much more for us than just lending itself to perfuming. 

Even if you hate it, you can't deny that it's an incredible essential oil that stands out on its own and also works well with others. And it's not just for hippies. Patchouli has something for everyone!

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