What can i do with all these soap chips?!?

What can i do with all these soap chips?!?

We've all been there... we buy a delicious bar of soap we love and adore, use it every day for weeks, and then the inevitable happens: the dreaded soap chip.

It seems no matter what you do, it's so much harder to get this tiny, flimsy piece of soap to lather. Sometimes it sticks to your soap dish and becomes mush. Sometimes it slips down the drain.

All you know, is there's still too much precious soap left to throw away the little chip. You paid good money for it not to mention you're now attached to it being part of your daily routine. 

So, what do you do?

Meet the organza bag!

These handy little bags serve a dual purpose! Not only do they house your products (for delivery & local buyers), but they also serve you as soap chip holders in the shower! 

Simply save your organza bag from your order, and when your soap turns into the dreaded chip, toss it in the organza bag and hang it in your shower. Run soap chip filled organza bag under running water and work into a lather, wash your body with the lather, then rinse clean. 

You can place multiple soap chips in one bag, too!

Currently, we place our products in an organza bag for local deliveries and any in-person sales. Starting November 1st, we will be including a small organza bag in all shipped orders so you can use it for your soap chips! This way, all our customers will get the most use possible out of our soaps!

Happy Sniffing!



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