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  • Hiker's Buddy Bug Repellent with essential oils
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Hiker's Buddy Bug Shield

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Introducing Hiker's Buddy Bug Repellent: Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion!


**Attention adventurers and nature lovers!** 🌲🏞️ Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and black flies with Hiker's Buddy, an all-natural bug repellent made in Vermont, where the forests are thick, and the bugs are fierce. 🦟


Our Hiker's Buddy Bug Repellent is expertly crafted with a blend of essential oils, each chosen for their powerful bug-repelling properties:


- **Rosemary:** Renowned for its ability to deter mosquitoes.

- **Cedarwood:** Known to keep flies at bay.

- **Nootka Tree:** A natural insect repellent with a woody aroma.

- **Patchouli:** Loved for its earthy scent and bug-fighting prowess.

- **Lavender:** Calming for you, uninviting for bugs.

- **Geranium:** Effective against mosquitoes and other insects.

- **Peppermint:** Refreshing for you, repelling for insects.

- **Lemon Eucalyptus:** A powerful natural deterrent.

- **Tea Tree:** Multi-functional with strong repellent properties.


Why Choose Hiker's Buddy Bug Repellent?


- **100% Pure Essential Oils:** Crafted with Effective, safe usage rates

- **Handcrafted in Vermont:** From our lush forests to your favorite trails.

- **Effective and Gentle:** Tough on bugs, gentle on your skin.

- **Perfect for Outdoor Adventures:** Ideal for hiking, camping, picnicking, or just enjoying your backyard.


Let Hiker's Buddy be your trusty companion on every trail. Keep bugs at bay while you enjoy the great outdoors!


Order Yours Now!


Ready to hike without the hassle? Click add to cart to order your bottle of Hiker's Buddy Bug Repellent today and embark on bug-free adventures! 


Happy Trails and Bug-Free Tales! 🌄✨


 Ingredients: RO/DI Water, Butoxydiglycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxylacetophenone, Essential Oils.


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